Pricing Your Home

Pricing your house properly is the most important part of selling your home. Pricing it too high can lead to unnecessary days on market (DOM), loss of potential buyers, price reductions, market changes etc. Pricing your house too low, obviously leads to less money in your pocket.

There are all sorts of online tools you can use to get an estimate on your house. We don’t put too much stock in any of them. They all work the same way. They use square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and past sales. They put it into an algorithm, and it gives you a number.

We need to see your property before we can accurately discuss price. Kitchens, bathrooms, heating/ac systems, roofs, finished basements, flooring, windows, siding etc. can all have a positive or negative impact on pricing your home that a computer can’t identify. We also need to know what else is on the market, or currently under agreement in your area. It’s only then that we can compile all that data and give you an opinion on price.